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In this glorious land that we call home, spring — while an integral part of Indian customs — doesn’t technically have bonafide status as a separate season. Spring is more of a suggestion than an actual season in this country with its own varying dynamic that quite literally blows hot and blows cold. It is, therefore, safe to say that the end of winter essentially heralds the beginning of summer.

Summer marks the beginning of longer days, hot sun, more UV damage, and therefore more skin damage. Oxidative stress — in other words, the process of oxidation (a chemical reaction with oxygen) inside your body — is also something that needs to be continually monitored no matter which season you’re in. Quite simply, healing through the plate — and not just the pill — is a scientifically proven, hard-to-argue-with process that will protect you no matter what. During this winter-to-summer transition, get these foods to boost your immunity, health and well-being:


Bursting with antioxidants, mango is a healthy addition to your daily diet. Demolish the myth that mango derails a person’s effort to get slimmer or feel better. The king of fruits has been linked with cancer prevention, lowering cholesterol, clearing up skin, digestive health, boosting immunity and even bettering your sex drive.

This magnificently versatile fruit can be present in salads, low-fat desserts or even eaten as nature intended: by itself. However, owing to its high Glycemic Index, do have no more than 100 grams (about a medium sized fruit) at a time for non-diabetics and about 50 grams for diabetics. And yes, diabetics can have mango.


Brimming with Lycopene, tomato is considered beneficial for the health of your skin and is also associated with cancer prevention as well as heart health. Cooked or raw, this ridiculously abundant and refreshing food is the base of many Indian and international dishes. Tomatoes are also a great source of many vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, potassium and Vitamin K.

Sweet Potato

There’s a lot that is sweet about this potato. In that it is an underrated health food that is a great source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, manganese, copper, potassium, as well as vitamins B1 and B2. And phosphorus. What all this means is that it’s a veritable bouquet that heals your body and allows it to deal with the onset of this season. It is a gift that keeps on giving.


Trust your gut to trust this gut food. Loaded with healthy bacteria like probiotics, yogurt can be eaten anywhere anytime, and is a cooling, refreshing, nourishing food.


A fantastic source of potassium, cucumber is also a very hydrating fruit that helps make the transition into summer far more tolerable. In addition to this, you can’t get healthier and more antioxidant-friendly than with a tall glass of nourishing and refreshing vegetable juice. And it’s so super easy to make. Have a great summer ahead!

Sweet Potato is a veritable bouquet that heals your body and allows it to deal with the onset of summer. A gift that keeps on giving

by Pooja Makhija Consulting Nutritionist & Clinical Dietician

Author: effective.skin-treatment.asia